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Awning Hopper

See beyond the horizon with MAS Home Improvements iconic and innovative Awning Window – indeed an homage to complete safety and privacy in your home. The awning window is hinged placed at the top projecting out from the bottom with smooth cranking creates room for a 60-degree exposure outward and upward.

Its outward projection on the higher place from the walls allows for sufficient ventilation, additional room for natural light, and safety from rain intrusion. 

Awning windows are prepared with a retractable screen for an unobstructed soothing-vision view, have an easy-to-open operational crank with gliding, and an easy-to-shut simple pull lock handler. Awning windows come with a range of configurations, including single and multi-line designs and combining with other large stationary windows like picture windows to create a focal point, provide a customized look, and inspire customer nostalgia.


MAS Home Improvements uses warm edge coating technology of vinyl awning windows helps regulate airflow and reduces ultraviolet lights preventing the damage and fading of indoor furniture, artwork, or carpet. Its dual-seal system decreases energy costs, condensation and adds value to the overall window and perfection to your home.

Our glass package comes with either a double or triple pane system that reflects the certified products of Energy Start and brings thermal conductivity, high durability, immense insulation inside the room, and greater impact protection. Double the pane, double the strength, and triple the pane even greater the strength and noise resistance up to 65%.

Awning windows work smartly by improvising sound absorption, bears the temperature changes more effectively, and excess wind load all around the year. MAS Home Improvements offers various glass packages for the desired customization according to your requirement of size, style, griding options, and utmost color psychology.

Each specific area in your house is unique and distinctive. So should be your awning window package. MAS Home Improvements has multiple exteriors and interior paint finish options that match your style and add an aesthetic appearance, the reflective tapestry of light and streaming color, and curb appeal to your home. So, choose wisely and intelligently with collaboration with our team of designing experts. We would be glad to consult you with what best suits the surroundings and puts a big impression on others.

The fully welded-sash of our vinyl awning window takes no time to clean the exterior dust. Its thermally fused optional gridding has been engineered carefully to create a calibrated balance, remain consistent, force-end resistant, and bear high-design pressures for years to come.

Our engineers have been continuously testing our vinyl awning windows to mold them for any climate zone and tough conditions in any region across the US. We make sure they perform up to the highest standard and match the expectations of our valued customers.


It’s equally important to receive quality from the awning window when conveniently installed at your home. We consider complete installation a vital process in the whole scenario. Therefore, we have the most experienced contractors who will leave no hassle for you after window measurement and proper installation for increased beauty and strength.


We have received zero impact failure reports for our vinyl awning windows from any of the previous clients that make us even determined to keep serving the town to the best of our potential.

Along with trust and integrity with MAS Home Improvements products, you receive priceless peace of mind with our vinyl awning windows that come with a flexible warranty.