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Garden Windows

MAS Home Improvement provides premium garden windows that add a touch of nobility to the surroundings of your house. This luxurious, sublime, and pristine window combined with the striking design is beautifully constructed to be the splendor of your home.

The Garden window is also known as the greenhouse window. Because these windows have a shelving space for homeowners to plant their favorite flowers, foliage, and herbs and display their lavishing decorations inside the room. Imagine you have a mini-greenhouse of your own at your home?

The dream garden window extends out slightly beyond the surface of a house’s wall and is easily operable from either side, allowing more ventilation, more natural light to the dark corners, fresh air for a pleasing day, and an enhanced view of the exteriors.

The ideal place for this convenient window is the countertop and kitchen sink, where it adds glory to the overall garnishing of the house and forms a perfect focal point without needing any knee brace support from outside.

Since garden windows are projected outwards, they have more exposure to outside elements like the sun and wind than other flat windows like an awning, picture windows, or slider windows. With sturdy construction and uncrackable vinyl frame material, MAS Home Improvements professionally outcasts other manufacturers in this regard.

This vinyl frame is closely prepared to never peel out, and get wrapped, and most importantly, it never needs repainting. That is why we call this project a budget-oriented package for anyone who prefers quality and integrity.

Garden windows come with extruded and multi-channel sash having beautiful manhattan designs for its gliding options that offer extreme energy-efficiency and increased insulation in-between the window units. We utilize the highest quality furniture-grade veneer for the detailed processing of head, pre-insulated seat boards, and jams for extra security and greater energy savings.


Its twin-sealing technology, multi-point locking system, and complete screened technology give homeowners peace of mind from any kind of weather damage and climate protection.


We have the perfect color-coordinating shading in oak and birch veneer for the head and seat board. The sweeping curve of beautifully crafted garden windows comes with a high-yielding mullion design, extra reinforcements, and double strength than ordinary windows. MAS Home Improvements value your investment. That is why we construct our garden window frames fully welded with rigid PVC for better stability and barrier from rain intrusion and pests damage.

Its double pane and triple pane optimal glass package come with the combination of low-E coating and UV-filtering and a cutting-edge spacer system that dramatically creates exceptional insulating and thermal performance.

Each glass pair is unique and customized to meet your housing needs and fit in any space. Our second to none glass package is manually engineered to reduce the costs of energy bills and extra consumption of fossil fuels.

It also meets complete Energy Star requirements and exceeds the performance rating of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Our windows have passed the U-factor test criteria of NFRC against resisting heat loss and maintaining warm temperature in the room. Expect a lifetime of peace from our custom-built garden window project because this is specially engineered for the new construction and renovation, and remodeling of your home.

Garden windows are highly flexible and versatile and suit any home. Be it cape cods or geometric windows, ranch houses, and colonial houses.

Let MAS Home Improvements be your companion on the journey to renovate or build your home from scratch.