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MAS Home Improvement designs and manufactures all the energy-efficient windows for exceptional performance and out-of-the-ordinary aesthetics that bring solace to the eyes of the beholders. When you choose MAS Home Improvements, you are not only looking for windows that fit the interior of your home, but you are exchanging attaining peace of mind when collaborating with our experienced team of expert engineers and architects.

Revolutionary by its designs, MAS Home Improvements is the fusion of old and new contemporary windows production. Embrace the new era of modern classics with our superior quality and counter-cut vinyl windows.

For years, our qualified engineers and designers have collaborated to determine how we can improve our window sash and frame materials that our customers can choose and use with trust, confidence, and complete reliance.


MAS Home Improvements always thinks out of the box and works with the crucial motto of the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, our core vinyl windows will give your home, office, and commercial plots a dazzling appearance and influence your indoor interiors. 

Throughout the year, the weather does not remain moderate in the USA; sometimes continental but mostly hot and dry depending on the latitude and distance from the sea. Since the last few decades, the country also has witnessed many hurricane attacks.

That is why, to maintain our product excellency and provide safe and sound installation to our clients, our compatible engineers have gone through many trials and errors scrutinizing windows to design weather attested, climate-friendly, and highly durable vinyl windows.

Our vinyl windows promise low-maintenance, energy-efficiency, easy operation, long-lasting performance, and are carefully made to hold up during any temperature swings in the US. 

We believe every side of your home suits with the desired angle that gives rectangular eaves for each corner of the room, and then there comes the window side – the focal point of the room. That is where our high-yielding windows outcast others. We make sure our windows let the natural light fill the inside of your home.

With years of experience, excellent customer service, top-notch quality, our dedicated team of engineers has become the industry experts in the US. Our team can consult you for choosing the best window replacement aligning with the climate zone of your living area.

Stay hydrated in the summer and warm in the winter season with our energy-efficient double-glazed glass windows

Because what you choose, and we design.

Why MAS Home Improvements?

At MAS Home Improvements, we believe in going green with our environment. We do not only care for the ease and comfort of our customers but also of our surroundings. We manufacture our replacement windows according to the precious guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. 

Our manufacturing is processed in an environment that our engineering and inspectors carefully monitor. You connect to us and we connect you to our professional architects and designers who would simply advise you the best for you and your home.

Outstanding Energy-Efficiency!

Our replacement windows are energy-efficient and provide the best experience with the least resourcing the natural energies. Energy-efficient products are our first step to emit the greenhouse effects, reduce your energy consumption, and cut the damage caused by direct sunlight to our environment.

Many middlemen seek low-priced windows for their clients without caring for the product’s longevity, natural essence, and supreme energy-efficiency which ends with poor quality and lack of trust.

MAS Home Improvements puts customers’ ease and comfort as a priority and uses the best quality vinyl material available in the US to enhance the energy efficiency performance and build trust with our loyal customers.

Accompany MAS Home Improvements, and avail curiosity filled designs of windows for your apartments, businesses, and companies, and become a part of our Go Green campaign.

Our standard products have thermal resistance that creates resilience and let the heat or extra cooling effects go out, and maintain the temperature of the room. If you prefer an eco-friendly environment and sustainability is your focus, opt for high-quality durable vinyl windows and create an energy-efficient home.

What an energy-efficient window does for your home is:

  • Decrease CO2 emission in the room
  • Reduce energy waste for your home
  • Increase natural insulation in the room

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