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Double Hung Window

AT MAS Home Improvements, our best selling Double Hung windows are produced with the top quality vinyl available in the local markets. It’s no surprise for the manufacturing industry why this innovative excellence is the most popular style preferred in the United States. Its beautiful blend of classics and tradition adds a double start to the room and its surrounding.

Our Double-hung windows are up-market windows with a mere touch of durability and energy efficiency that provides unparalleled protection to the customers.

The upper and lower sashes of our double-hung windows are easy functional, can open from both sides. These sashes are held firmly by the fusion-welded corners for counterweight or frame friction, leaving no room for an extensive air pass through and keeping curb appeal at peak.

Our double-hung windows remain consistent through weatherstripping on the frame and sashes that works to prevent air from intruding inside the room. It also helps to enhance the outside view, prevent insects from entering the room and keep the airflow going. 

When the window is bearing wind-load stress from outside its interlocking functionality keeps the sash placed right at point defining its durability and strength.

double hung window

The hydrophobic coating on the windows keeps the glass clean and easy to maintain, thus building a drainage system to prevent water intrusion even after a rainy day. 

Double Hung Window

Double-hung windows have an additional dual-acting tilt inside that makes the cleaning easy and convenient. Its unique functionality makes exterior cleaning easy from the inside of the room. It’s automation and sash-to-sill interlock will keep your mind at peace because it just doesn’t require you to rethink if the window is properly closed or not. However, what you need to focus on is if its moving parts are lubricant for increased convenience and satisfaction.

These windows come with convincing designs, multiple gridding options, hassle-free installation, long term resistance damage, be it scratches, broken hardware, or outside intrusion.

When the majestic look is your requirement our double-hung windows can offer a solid and genuine appearance for your  residential uses and satisfy the sophisticated style expectations and needs of customers. 

Avail any standard size of double-hung windows, and you can also request what inspires your heart, and our craftsmen will turn that inspiration into reality. You can expect extensive customization of size, shapes, styles, with the same quality and professionalism that our experts have been providing for years. 

You will receive according to your expectations; be it the ideal size of the window, customized exterior and interior finishing, quality vinyl hardware, and energy-efficient glass package.

The double-hung window manufactured with close attention to each detail will completely redefine how a transformed room feels.

You can also choose the proper color psychology matching to the interior decoration of the room. For that careful selection, our experts can consult you from their experience. Our prime colors include Black, Silver, Sand Dune, Light Oak, Dark Oak, cherry, and many more to select from.

The grinding style can also make an impact on how it appears in a room. Double-hung windows come with versatility and multi-range options for grinding patterns. Expect the metal grids, colonial grids for either upper or the lower sash, cottage, prairie, and many more options. Select the valued gridding pattern and let MAS Home Improvements does the rest of the craftsmanship.

double hung

Get featured with our top-performing double-hung and install in your room and receive an appealing transitional and historic look that purifies the agitated minds and gives you fresh insight. When you install more than one double-hung window in a row, it beautifies the structural and protective properties and can also create a prepossessing and sleek appearance. 
If you want window panes that exude cool and brings contemporary elegance, browse through our endless range of double-hung gliders and embrace what we have created for you

Because You choose, we design.