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Sliding Patio Door

Meet the new elegance of art and transform your dreams into possibilities with MAS Home Improvements’ manufactured sliding patio doors. Our glossy yet rock-hard designs have everything included, from sophisticated craftsmanship to artistry and a perfect balance of art and technology.

Sliding patio doors are often named gliding glass doors. They are designed to open in the horizontal line at the head and sill, with one panel operating at a time and the other remaining stationary fixed at its place. These doors are easy-operating and can be cleaned easily.

Sliding doors usually do not swing-open, which means they are more secure and will perfect function in less space. They are custom-built for either left-hand or right-hand operation.

The best thing about sliding patio doors is you can custom-fit them into hard-to-reach and tighter spaces because their panels don’t interfere with the patio. Hence you enjoy the secrets of nature from the comfort of your bedroom, drawing room, or any other place you find our doors fit to last.

Our sliding patio door is surface-protected by unfinished pine. Its wide and large glass option ensures an abundance of natural light into the room where you install the sliding patio door. Our engineers have rigorously tested and made to deliver full support for the many decades to come. Its frame profile is so narrow and extra thin that you, your friends, and family will hardly notice it’s there.

Usually, with small window panes, air-circulation into your room is restricted to some extent. However, with a better configuration of our sliding patio door, you will get open space for clean air insulation, ultimately improving the airflow and better outside visibility.


Choose from the classic, temporary or modern series and raise your home’s ambiance and add a complement to your home with our most selling stained or painted patio doors firmly supported by fiberglass exterior. We have multiple varieties for the single, double, and triple panels available.

The interior grids equally create the impression, therefore, we have already designed beautiful interior grids to add a garnishing look to our customers’ sliding patio door.

The patio door is precision-built with vinyl replacement material to provide homeowners a distinctive look while providing firm protection to the interior finishing, furniture, and carpets from severe weather conditions.


For the lusters to lasts for a longer time, we ensure that we formulate vinyl cladding and colors and utilize coextruded double durometer glazing that adds extra weather protection. You remain inside with peace of mind, and our sliding patio door has got it all.

We also offer contoured and thumb-latched designs for our sliding patio door handles, creating a universal appeal.

Sliding patio doors have more premium benefits than other regular doors as they ensure extra thermal barrier, especially when you opt for a double panel glass package for heat minimization.

Many contractors in the US pay less heed to glass options considering them as fragile. But MAS Home Improvements keeps the glass package as the primary component in the manufacturing process and uses multi-layered, low-emissivity low-E glass for better heating and cooling effect in any climate zone in the US. This layout decreases the frost and condensation from the frame and enhances optimal thermal efficiency.

Our high-yielding spacer system is constructed to provide you better and improved energy efficiency when compared to the market standard glass. Watch either from the outside or the inside a clear, full, and unobstructed view is guaranteed for the homeowners.

A detailed customization option is always an opportunity for our customers where they can choose from our modern 3” or 5” rails option. Expect multi-color palettes from MAS Home Improvements and collaborate with our engineers and designers to create your dream-like sliding patio door.

Our most preferred color shading include beige, architectural brown, sand, classic clay, white, white wood, cherry brown, and many more that you can select from our multi brochures. Get value for yourself and your family and invest in what matters to you and your home.