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Slider Windows

The epic slider window by MAS Home Improvements is elegant in every way you look at it. With an air of serenity and mystery, the slider window immerses you in the beauty of a seamless and intuitive profile of your home. It offers broad glimpses of a cleaner, brighter, and unobstructed view of nearby surroundings through its left to right or right to left glide operating system.

The slider window features two independent sash designs that provide easy-to-use functionality. One sash remains stationary while the other moves in the horizontal direction for enhanced air circulation. Slider windows do not have moving parts that make it the best choice to provide more ventilation in a room than any other windows.

Precisely crafted and embedded, its combination of multi-chambered construction will give your room better thermal performance than ever. Its dependable vinyl material comes with the most preferred styles in the US, the ultimate beauty, and strength. Our non-corroding vinyl slider windows are highly durable and require maintenance less often.

Embrace a balance of aesthetics and value with slider windows.

Expect exceptional and unparalleled impact protection against insane winds, debris, storms, and natural hurricanes with our remarkable and screen-to-body instant quality composite material known as vinyl.


Be at peace for years to come as our slider window is engineered to withstand a longer time-span than the ordinary vinyl windows available in the markets, a warm thanks to its powerful nylon-encased dual brass roller system.

Easily close the window with its heavy-duty interlocking system, and you do not need any additional preparation in case of any unwelcoming wind attack. Enjoy the proven and easy-care benefits of energy efficiency in severe heat and cold atmospheres with our advanced vinyl frames. Get value and compatible craftsmanship backed by MAS Home Improvements.

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Its cold-glazing works best to keep the room temperature warmer in the winter, whereas warm-glazing works to keep the fresh air inside, isolating the heat out of the room. Titanium dioxide in the vinyl frames is the best solution to excess heat and for insulation performance optimization.

Tested in the extreme climates of the US, the slider window’s built-in gasket mechanical seal adds barriers and ensures complete safety from water insects, and makes an optimal water drainage system. Superior metal reinforcement in the sash increases structural performance and prevents wrapping damage of rails during humidity and intolerant weather conditions.

The crisp and vibrant details of slider windows offer vigilance and resilience with its highest quality double-pane or triple-pane glass package ensuring better daylight and advanced thermal performance, saving reasonable monthly costs against energy bills.

Our multi-layer soft-coat Low-E coating glass package combined with warm-edge technology is advantageous to prevent any sealing failures. This is one of the finest glass packages available in the market. We design the slider windows that meet the energy needs of your house without hurting your budget orientation. This cutting-edge glass system blocks UV rays from entering the room, ultimately protecting the furniture and floor coverings inside.

Unlike swings, the slider window doesn’t need extra space to wide open. Therefore, slider windows are a convenient solution and are considered ideal for hard-to-manage spacing in rooms where other windows do not fulfill the needs and require extra ventilation like a basement in the house.

MAS Home improvements manufacture slider windows according to the recommended performance rate of Energy Star products. That means the high-yielding energy efficiency, durability, weather-resistance that you expect from Energy Star certified products is the standard, quality, and integrity of MAS Home Improvements.

This sublime and classic design adds a five-star look to today’s contemporary home styles like Georgian colonial, ranch or art deco, Greek revival, and Italianate.

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