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Bay & Bow Windows

The legacy of MAS Home Improvement continues. Embrace the new era of home perfection and experience the allure of detailed texture with our flawless Bay & Bow windows. Stunningly combined with two or three windows for an architectural interest, the Bay & Bow window creates the desired angle of a bay from inside the room while beautifully projecting outward in the round shape in the exterior of the house.

This outward extension of the windows offers more floor to ceiling natural light to enter the room performing as an additional iconic illuminator of light. Bay & Bow windows come with an exceptional configuration of a large fixed window in the middle while acquiring support from operational windows on its left and right angle. It gives you an illusion of a curved design. This aspiration offers an increased immersive visual experience.

Bay & Bow windows come with a multi-range of versatility. Let this combination reach perfection with side support from our casement window, picture window, or a double-hung window. This phenomenal attribution promises enhanced performance and a dynamic solution in any ideal climate in the US.

Avail the ingenuity and excellent craftsmanship with our specifically “made in America” quality and integrity. The closer you look, the clearer you see why MAS Home Improvement is the second to none choice for your home.


As Bay & Bow windows give you outward extension from the house, they leave sufficient room for homeowners for a built-in window seat inside. That is why these sorts of windows are considered best-suited for the kitchen, living rooms, and dining room area.

Our main substance used in the manufacturing process for this elegant window is the utmost quality material, and sleek style offering exhibited in every minute detail of this masterpiece.


Our experts will give you a broader sense of color combination and finish, especially for your home exterior according to the main body, second body, trim, and accent of the house to create a curb appeal inside.

Bay & Bow windows are manufactured in a closely monitored atmosphere with a high-yielding low-E (low-emissivity) combined with an argon gas glass package utilized as a thermal barrier that lets the room stay cooler in the summer keeping the excess heat outside and offering warm temperature during the winters season.

We use non-corroding vinyl material of the highest quality that enhances heat and gives proper color stability for constructing Bay & Bow windows with extra shield protection for longevity, gleaming appearance and upgraded durability.

So, choose from our tested and proven standard dual or triple-pane glass with fixed spacer bars in between the panes for comprehensive insulation and grading options for a clear and unobstructed view from your kitchen or anywhere you decide to install the Bay & Bow window.

Our two-coat formula for durable glass packages is itself the guarantee of strength, increased insulation, powerful thermal maintenance, easy cleansing, and virtually maintenance-free. This latest coating technology allows more room for UV rays to easily pass through light formulation and act as the reflection off the vinyl frame. This phenomenon results in vinyl frames appearing forever new for many years.

That is why homeowners choose the replacement windows from MAS Home Improvements for a pleasing aesthetic and consistent beauty. Bow & Bay windows is a class by its name.

We utilize standard size 1-1/4″ furniture-grade veneer for our powerful head, seat-board, and jambs with an addition of cavity foam insulation in the construction of our Bay & Boy window as a solid protection from unwanted energy loss. The chart size comes with different variants but 3″ pre-insulated seatboard guarantee even maximum energy savings without causing greater expenses.

The low profile frame and tighter sash material used with our Bay & Boy window promise an optimized appearance while the window is closed, and its vent stops provide a comfortable opening for more ventilation.

Built according to the guidelines of Energy Star, this excellent energy-efficient glass provides enhanced visible light transmittance in the room and also helps in eliminating light penetration, which means promised safety from ultraviolet sunlight. At the same time, this window preserves sustainable and eco-friendly energy consumption in any climate region ultimately leading to a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Its in-built forecaster does not let the rainy water ruin the exterior appearance and runs the water off quickly prolonging its sleek profile.


MAS Home Improvement offers what your heart desires. Our full replacement window system offers complete infiltration from the air, and any kind of dust or insect interruption for your solace and peaceful living.

Expect the energy efficiency and optical performance beyond your imagination. Get your house featured from our top performing Bay & Bow designs and transform your ordinary looking room appearance to a royal touch and classical beauty.

Bay & Bow windows are the perfect opportunity to recreate extra space for cozy book reading if you are reconsidering the layout of your dining room.

Once spent money is your lifetime investment for the interior and exterior of your home. Because with MAS Home Improvement, you are offered a full replacement lifetime warranty for any kind of breakage or even minor leakage. So, let our team be your companion. We collectively decide quotations for you.