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Front Entry Doors

With MAS Home Improvement, meet the unrivaled efficiency and become the spotlight among your friends and family and create that first impression with our best-in-town front entry doors replacement series. We manufacture reliable and integrated front entry doors with low-profile that give your home a contemporary and sleek appearance. Our front entry doors come with both in-swing and out-swing operations.

In order to properly utilize the investment in your front entry door, having certain technical specifications for the anatomy of exterior doors and their production, procession, security, and thermal performance is crucial. Our front entry doors are manufactured either with fiberglass, aluminum, PVC-U, or steel profiles.

Expect versatility, beauty, and abundance of natural light in your house, better insect protection, and impressive airflow with our superior top-hung fiberglass frame and door slab – the one of their kind, specially engineered to meet the needs of severe and harsh climates of the US.

The maintenance-free fiberglass door is designed with a thick furniture-grade veneer with a warm and exquisitely detailed orientation for a textured or smooth operating, which can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Easy affordability and budget orientation is another added feature with our fiberglass entry door.

Fiberglass entry doors offer the highest quality flame-retardant mesh, and high-definition panel options for maximum security, privacy, and an enhanced depiction of the front entryway both for the residential property and commercial buildings.

If utmost safety and security is your top priority, our steel unit entry doors match your desires. For our steel profile main entry doors, expect the finest acoustic, burglary-proof, and robust steel material for increased durability and longevity.

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MAS Home Improvement brings you endless possibilities of aesthetic and top-class concealed pull handler that extends during the opening of the door and retracts back once you have closed it.

We proudly speak about the superiority of our steel-constructed main entry doors to traditional doors for their strapping stiles and rails carved and fixed at each corner of the frame and door edges.

The cavities inside the frames are mechanically filled with top-notch and high-density foam insulation and coated with a baked-on polyester.


We also offer multiple internal and external grid patterns, options, styles, and shapes to choose from, both for our fiberglass and steel entry doors.

The low-E glazing window trims and heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges for our front entry doors are precision-engineered in our factory, guaranteed not to warp, crack or pull away from the door.

This low-E glazing system of the doors acts as heat-resistant and weather-stripping and saves the frames from shrinking and swelling even in the adverse climates of the US.

We additionally custom-fit gauged security plates and brass fully adjustable strike plate to help open and close the doors conveniently without using your manual strength.

This unique construction makes our front entry doors remain efficient, enduring, eco-friendly, and offer longevity for many years to come.

Time to go beyond the energy-efficiency and low-E glass technology and embrace the scientifically formulated, highly patterned, stained, and obscure glass package available with a refined look and better insulation performance.

Apart from guaranteed thermal performance, MAS Home Improvement never compromises on the style guide for our customers.

Our engineers make sure every tiny part of the frame is filled with the foam barrier material and polyurethane core to ensure energy efficiency and accommodate the entry door’s added thickness and instant insulation.

This efficiency keeps the unwanted elements out and saves your children and pets from outside exposure like insects and pests.

front entry doors

This configuration reduces the chances of any kind of contractions and expansion, dent and splitting, and no wrapping is also assured. For the top and bottom sashes of the frames, we apply either the high-gloss sheens which are perfectly shiny and give your door a mirror-like look or flat paint finishes that come with no shine to match the decorative setting around.

If you are the type of client who pays extra attention to every door-corner for each minute detail and swirls, this determining customization is for you. With MAS Home Improvement, protect, increase, and ventilate your entryway because our experienced craftsmen hand-apply the stain and glazed finishes on entry door hardware and then heat-curve it for maximum protection and eye-catching beauty.

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