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French Door

When adding more flair to the interior design is the requirement, french doors can give a striking appearance and a seamless transition with swing-in or swing-out variation as per the needs of the room. 

Create a grand opening as the french door opens outwards on a hinged panel with a fixed sidelight providing a sleek royal profile. French doors come in various styles, from unobstructed panes of toughened glass to crisscrossed with diamond-shaped grids, both with sliding and swinging options. Our french doors are specific with a center astragal system for better functionality and operation refined to complement an entranceway.

Our french doors are ideal to add a splash of sunlight on the floor to provide an unrivaled sense of spaciousness, resist wind pressures, UV rays, rain, and cold weather while boosting cross-ventilation. Its powerful beefier bottom rails and window grilles promise enhanced prevention of outside intrusion.

MAS Home Improvements manufactures french doors prehung in a fiberglass frame or steel absolute with sill and weatherstripping for an easy and hassle-free installation to round out your door style.

The flat grills combined with a single pane of french doors have the capacity for maintaining an illusion of light, giving a curb appeal inside the house, and easy cleanliness procedure. However, if you choose the fusion of double panes or triple panes, the results become even more convincing.

French Door

Our fiberglass framing package offers and low-maintenance, sturdy frames. Its stiff foam core is high-yielding, perfectly durable, and energy-efficient. The lower the U-factor in french doors, the better the quality and integrity. Our french doors come with the Energy Star label which means the doors have been tested to meet the strict guideline of the agency.

The most preferred light styles with features exclusively in our elevation french doors consist of:

  • Colonial for a traditional appearance
  • Victorian a stylized floral design
  • Craftsman perfect for bungalows
  • Tudor rival a diamond gridded look ideal for a manor-house look
  • Contemporary a combination of beauty and aesthetics
  • Prairie a unique series with geometric and faux shaped grids

We instill a technologically advanced multipoint locking system with additional anti-lift bolts at the top, middle, and bottom, thus ensuring more security from break-ins and strong winds.

For the hardware, MAS Home Improvements rely on an ergonomically shaped escutcheon plate and fixed hand-holds handlers for superior compression, smooth opening procedure, and ultimately attaining peace of mind.