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French windows in an apartment and in a private house are in great demand. This is both a window and door design that looks interesting, pleases with functionality, is presented in a wide variety of types. Use in the interior allows you to visually expand the space, let in the maximum amount of light, improve the decorative qualities in general.

french Window


They are a translucent structure, where the window unit reaches the floor and is combined in function with the door unit. The main differences include:

Big sizes;

Location in the floor – on average, 2/3 of the wall area is occupied;

The presence of a door block;

When needed window repair in Maryland, it is better to entrust it to experienced professionals. They will quickly and efficiently perform other procedures. For instance, adjustment of plastic windows should be carried out according to standard rules.


A wide variety of options are available. The method of installing French windows in an apartment or in a private house depends on various factors. Installation is possible in almost any place in the premises, but it is mainly performed where it is necessary to organize a passage. The result is increased aesthetics and personal comfort.

According to the material, the following options are distinguished:

Aluminum. Strong, lightweight, durable, with good sound and heat insulation. They are mainly suitable for glazing a cold balcony, and for organizing warm windows a heat-insulating layer is required.

Tree. Environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, spectacular, resistant to deformation and weathering when properly processed. Minus – a very high price, subject to the use of valuable species, it can be, for example, oak, ash, beech. More affordable price for wooden frames based on pine or larch.

Plastic. Beautiful, easy to handle, durable, inexpensive. 3-7 chambers are acceptable to achieve the required thermal conductivity. Such products are suitable for installation in any place.

Glass composite. Light weight, low thermal conductivity, good strength. They are inexpensive.

On the plastic windows price depends on the design features. Models are solid and sectional. The first ones are distinguished by the absence of partitions, the use of massive and reliable fittings, mainly with a sliding opening method. Sectional counterparts are supplemented with partitions – up to 7 pieces, which contribute to increased strength and rigidity.

french window replacement

Functionally, window structures are of two types:

Portal window – some sashes are capable of performing the functions of a door, so they are mounted on balconies or at the exit to the garden, and the pluses include reliability, a large area;

Accordion or book – they are opened by folding all the doors for a wider passage; they are mainly installed in rooms where there is a lot of free space.

Traditionally, models can be hinged or sliding. The choice is determined by the available space and personal preferences.

Additionally, it is possible to use sprouts. French windows in a private house or apartment will look more decorative when using a special layout: a plastic or aluminum grill that separates the structure into blocks. The purpose of use is to decorate and increase the reliability of high or wide models. Suitable for regular mesh on the windows, but the appearance may suffer. There are three types of sprouts directly:

Overhead, or Venetian, – fixed directly on the glass, mounted on any side, pleasing with aesthetic appearance;

Constructive – divide the frame into parts, in each of which a separate double-glazed window is mounted;

interglazing – are placed between double-glazed windows, and the main plus is the lack of need for maintenance.

french window installation


It is important to choose the right French windows in the apartment. First you need to decide for what purposes such glazing is planned. This may be necessary to expand the opening, if desired, partially remove the wall under the window, to completely remove the window block, for general aesthetics, to organize a harmonious and interesting passage to the balcony, terrace, attic, and loggia and so on.

The next step is to decide which frame material to choose. The priority is fiberglass and wood. Aluminum is more affordable, and the most budget option is plastic. It is necessary to navigate taking into account the available budget and personal wishes in terms of performance and appearance.

It is important to understand which type of construction is more suitable – with hinged or sliding doors, with or without a door, with decorative inserts or in a more concise design, and so on. It is necessary to focus on the dimensions and shape of the room, the total area, preferences regarding convenience, reliability, functionality, decor requirements.

going to buy windows , do not forget about the price issue. The cost is formed from a number of factors, including the scale of glazing, the material and quality of the profile, fittings, sealant, the complexity of installation work. The manufacturer also influences – domestic brands mostly offer more modest prices, European ones are more expensive, in addition, there are VIP-class manufacturers. Compared with standard glazing, the difference in cost can be 3-4 times.


French windows in a private house please with a significant number of advantages. The main ones include:

achieving energy savings due to the fact that it is possible to let in maximum sunlight into the room;

the ability to visually expand the space of the room;

high level of functionality – the design includes options for both windows and doors;

visual aesthetics;

unique design due to the presence of a large number of layouts that can be used as desired;

the window of a panoramic view looks aesthetically pleasing, this is true in buildings located in a picturesque area, or houses where the landscape design of the backyard is well organized.

Despite the abundance of advantages, there are also disadvantages. Key among them:

it is necessary to perform high-quality insulation, especially when living in a cold climate zone;

a rather high wall – for the construction of such window structures, innovative coated glass is used, which is capable of reflecting IR rays;

to ensure the safety of the home, the installation of impact-resistant glass is required;

the need for regular cleaning and other care procedures to maintain aesthetics, and on both sides, which can be very difficult when installed on high floors;

in the summer, air conditioning is indispensable;

the constant feeling of being “in plain sight” can create psychological discomfort;

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