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How should we use windows in summer?

Not all day open nor all day closed. Windows play a very important role during the summer if you know how to use them. Not only will they protect us from high temperatures, but they will also help us to reduce our air conditioning consumption.

As summer arrives and temperature start to rise, we wonder how to keep our house cool without having air conditioning all day. In this article we would like to share with you some basic tips that will help us survive the hot days. As we have already said, the option of abusing the air conditioning is out of the question. Not only because it will increase our electricity consumption and therefore our bill at the end of the month, but also because we would be increasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and harming the planet. So what do we do?

· We may think that opening the windows when we are hot is the solution, “to let the air in” we may have heard people say. If the outside air is at 40º, the only thing we will achieve is that the temperature inside our house will increase. It is therefore important to close the windows during the hottest hours of the day. This does not mean that it is necessary to forget to ventilate. We will open the windows first thing in the morning and at night, so, in addition to ventilation, we will also take the opportunity to cool our house.

windows in hot summer

· We live in a country with a high incidence of sunlight, which is why we have such a deep-rooted tradition when it comes to using blinds. They are an element that helps us protect our home all year round, but in summer they are especially important as a shield against the sun. Therefore, with them, we must do the same with the windows, keeping them down during the hours of maximum sunlight.

· At times when we ventilate, at the beginning of the day or when the sun goes down, a trick to promote air circulation inside the house is to carry out our own cross ventilation. In other words, opening windows on opposite sides of the house to create a draft and allow fresh air to circulate.

The importance of insulating windows, also in summer

When we think of high-performance windows, we tend to think of the cold, the rain… and the worst weather conditions. However, windows with good insulation and high water tightness values ​​will also be effective in combating heat. If the window offers a good level of insulation, the heat from the outside will not penetrate the interior of the house and the freshness achieved by the air conditioning will not escape either. We will be able to keep our house cooler for longer, reducing the cost of air conditioning.

windows in summer

What do we have to take into account to make our window insulating? On the one hand, we must look at the material, for example PVC is a natural insulator due to its non-conductive properties. This, in addition to preventing the passage of external heat, also means that even if the window is in the sun, when you touch the inside of the profile, it is not hot. Other aspects to take into account when choosing windows is the type of glass, preferably double glazing, which may include special low-emissivity or solar control glass.

Last but not least is the installation. A good window is useless if it is not installed correctly. A good installation will ensure the insulation and airtightness provided by this window, which is why at MAS Home Improvement we always recommend the use of professionals, such as the members who make up our Official Network in Maryland USA.

 Have a nice summer, folks!

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