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How to insulate doors and windows?

Doors and windows insulate

Lower heating costs through properly insulated windows and doors

Double-glazed windows are standard in many houses today. But there are still many single-glazed windows. That means a great loss of energy and therefore money. Because in order to get rooms with single-glazed windows really warm, a large heating output is necessary. You can cut costs by around 30 percent if windows and doors are well insulated.

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Windows are often significant weak points in the insulation of houses and apartments. Especially in old houses, they are real energy wasters and cause unnecessary energy costs. You can save energy quickly and easily with our self-adhesive solutions for sealing windows. So use our product now and find the right product to seal your window. Our rubber seals, foam seals and profiles ensure that the cold air stays outside and the warm air inside, so that your heating does not have to work so hard to create pleasant temperatures in your cozy living area.

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If you want to save energy and heating bills, you should take a closer look at your roof, walls, doors, radiators and windows. There is often some room for improvement in terms of thermal insulation for roofs and walls, but doors and windows also generate high energy losses, which can often be avoided with several sealing solutions. Sometimes joints and cracks in windows are the cause of wasted energy. Sometimes the window panes are also to blame for poor energy values. But we have a solution for this problem too. With insulating foil, you can quickly insulate your window panes. All products have a long lifespan and are easy to install.

Insulate windows professionally

Isolate window

At the latest when winter is just around the corner, it is a big issue – the optimal insulation of windows. Depending on which windows you have installed and the extent to which your house complies with the requirements of the thermal insulation ordinance, you can consider different measures for insulating the windows.

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