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window Replacement-plastic windows

Replacement of plastic windows

According to manufacturers, the service life of translucent structures made of a polymer profile with a double-glazed window is 40-50 years. At the same time, situations are not uncommon when it is necessary to replacement window installed relatively recently. The reasons for this phenomenon can be very different, and further we will consider them in detail.

Regarding the declared service life and guarantees of the manufacturers of metal-plastic windows, the issue is extremely difficult. Typically, advertising indicates the maximum possible period of use of the polymer profile, which forms the basis of the design. In fact, the warranty period for the product and its installation in accordance with the current standard is at least three years. Plastic windows, especially with hinged and folding sashes, have a complex structure. Their service life, subject to proper installation and operation, largely depends on the quality of the components. Usually, responsible companies give a guarantee for a period of at least five years, if the product is made from a standard profile and good fittings are used.

window replacement

The main reasons for replacing windows in an apartment

Modern translucent structures are produced at specialized enterprises from a finished polymer profile. The installation of windows in the rooms and on the balcony is carried out either by their installation sites, or by individual companies and even private teams. Accordingly, the level of qualification of personnel is different, which directly affects the quality of installation.

Replacing windows in an apartment or a country house may also be required in order to increase the security of the premises from burglary. Construction companies often use inexpensive translucent structures of dubious quality to reduce costs. They are not reliable and need to be of replacement window after several years of operation.

How do you know when it’s time to Replacement window

replacement window
The image of the loggia in the brick house

The following signs indicate the need to replace plastic windows in a house or apartment:

When closing, the sash clings to a fixed profile. Possible causes of the malfunction: deformation of the structure, violation of the manufacturing technology or installation of the window block.

Yellowing of plastic during operation. Factors causing this phenomenon: the use of a low-quality profile or the ingress of mounting foam on the structure during installation.

Formation of condensation or frost on the inside of the window. There can be several reasons for this phenomenon, ranging from low thermal characteristics of the structure to the features of the room.

A strong draft from the window, which is formed due to the increased gap between the window unit and the opening. The latter occurs due to irregularities in the taking of measurements and cannot be compensated for by finishing the slope.

MAS Home Improvement window replacement is usually performed if the identified defects cannot be eliminated during the repair process. We are talking about cases where the replacement window individual structural elements is impossible for technological or other reasons. The degree of replacement window maintainability of a translucent structure is determined by a specialist during its thorough examination.

Window replacement technology

process of replacing plastic windows

The final decision on the installation of new translucent structures in place of those that have become unusable is made by the owner of the premises. At the same time, it is important to avoid previous mistakes and time to replacement window for really high-quality new ones. To solve this problem, it is necessary to replacement window take a responsible approach to choosing a company that will be entrusted with this task.

In general, the process of replacement window of plastic windows in residential and industrial premises consists of the following steps:

  • Measurement and ordering for production. Do not take measurements yourself – in this case, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the correct manufacture of the structure and will not give any guarantees.
  • When preparing an order, the client needs to accurately specify all the requirements for a replacement window by plastic window. In particular, it is necessary to indicate the type and color of the PVC profile, the number of leaves, the method of opening, the number of chambers in the double-glazed window and other characteristics. Separately, the replacement of the window sill, ebbs and slopes, the manufacture of mosquito nets are negotiated.
  • The conclusion of the contract. Usually, this is done on behalf of the company by specialists who make measurements. Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s warranties for their products and installation work. Their term must be at least 3 years in accordance with GOST, the company’s attempts to establish a shorter period should arouse suspicion.
  • Making an advance payment for the manufacture of windows, usually in the amount of at least 50% of the total order value. Money should be given only after signing the contract and be sure to receive a document confirming the fact of payment.
  • Production of plastic windows – usually this process takes from three to seven days, the client is informed about its completion.
  • Preparation for the installation of plastic windows is carried out immediately before the arrival of the team with finished products. It is necessary to remove the curtains, remove indoor plants and other items from the windowsill that may interfere with the work. Furniture and large household appliances are covered with a film or cloth. Cardboard or a sheet of plywood is laid on the floor near the window, which will avoid damage to the coating.
  • Dismantling of old window blocks is carried out by specialists and begins with the removal of sashes. At the next stage, double-glazed windows are removed and all fasteners are unscrewed, after which the block is removed from the opening and removed away so as not to interfere with the work process.
  • Installation of translucent structures includes the following operations: removal of shutters, removal of double-glazed windows. The window block is installed in the opening and fixed in it with anchor bolts, self-tapping screws or steel plates. The position of the structure is controlled vertically and horizontally by the level, after which all previously removed elements, window sills and ebbs are returned to their places.
  • The gaps between the block and the opening are sealed with polyurethane mounting foam. After drying, its excess is removed with a mounting knife. Slopes outside and inside putty produce their fine finish.
  • Replacing old windows takes from five days to one week, depending on the efficiency of the manufacturing company and other factors. Upon completion of the work, the final settlement with the contractor is made.

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