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A season when new windows make an extra big difference

We are in the middle of the coldest time of the year and the rising electricity price makes it expensive to heat the home. We all know that windows let in beautiful light, but when it’s cold outside, bad and old windows also let out a lot of heat. Up to 35% of the house’s heat can leak through poorly insulated windows. With new windows, you can have an improved indoor climate in Maryland.

Cold floors can be due to poor windows

If you have cold floors at home, it may be due to bad windows. It’s called cold race. The inner glass of the window becomes cold due to poor insulation and leads to the air closest to the window cooling down and falling to the floor. From above comes new air and replaces the cold air that has sunk and you have a movement that contributes both a cold floor and an unpleasant draft in the room.

window replacement

Energy-labeled windows make a big difference

Replacing old and poorly insulated windows can make a big difference in terms of your heating costs but also your indoor climate. In addition, replacing your old windows with some of our energy windows with extra good insulation ability makes the difference even greater. It is an investment that pays off in the long run. Here you can read more about replacing windows.

Keep track of the u-value when changing windows

U-value is a measure of a window’s insulation capacity and indicates how much heat passes at a certain temperature. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation capacity of the window. In other words, choosing an energy window with a low U-value is wise if you want to save energy and have a nice indoor climate. All our windows are of the highest quality and have very good U-values.

after window replacement

An investment with many benefits

Replacing windows is a big investment, but it also gives you a lot:

Lower energy costs – All our windows emit very little heat, which reduces the need for heating.

Increases the value of the house – New windows are a good investment that increases the value of your house.

More pleasant indoor climate – The indoor climate is becoming increasingly important when it comes to our health and well-being. New windows with better insulation also give you a quieter indoor environment.

Better functionality – New windows give you several new and better features that can make your everyday life easier.

Highlights the character of the house – Windows form a large part of the house’s appearance and character. New windows can therefore strengthen both the house’s style and architecture.

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