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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions by MAS Home Improvement

When will my order be delivered?

The delivery week you receive when ordering is the estimated week that your order is sent out from the factory. You will receive a confirmation with an exact delivery date as soon as we have the final delivery date confirmed. (You will receive this information no later than 5 days before delivery). The products are custom-made according to the customer’s choice and special dimensions. Therefore, the delivery time stated in the order confirmation is always only estimated.

What will my order cost?

To find out what your order will cost, you choose the products you want, fill in measurements and what accessories or type of glass you want, directly in the website. If you want more units, we recommend that you put all the units with the right dimensions and functionality in the shopping, including discounts.

Pay directly

Pay in a fast and secure way by bank transfer or card payment. In the case of a bank transfer, the money is withdrawn 1-2 days after the words have been processed. You can always see and manage the purchase in MAS Home Improvement app.

MAS Home Improvement

Divide your payment

You decide when you want to pay and how you divide it. Pay a minimum amount each month. You choose whether you want to pay the minimum amount or any amount over the minimum amount. You can also choose to pay according to a plan, so that the purchase is fully paid after, for example, 12 months. If you want to pay more, things are going well and you can pay the remaining debt at any time.

Pay later

Choose to pay within 14 days, at the end of the month or in a couple of months. Regardless of which option you choose, MAS Home buyer protection is always included. Your payment period begins when the order is shipped. The invoice is sent at the same time as your order and you pay easily online.

Do you offer measurement and / or assembly?

MAS Home Improvement offer measurement or installation. Here you can read about our guide for measurement and here you can read our installation guide click here.

Do you have any products in stock that you can buy and pick up immediately?

Yes we have products in stock that you can pick up immediately.

Can you get other handles on the front doors than those on the website?

For questions regarding alternative handles, contact (301) 632-6664

Is there a guarantee on the products?

Yes, MAS Home Improvement provides warranty on all products. Read more about the warranty on

Why do my new windows get condensation on the outside in the morning?

It is a sign of good insulation as long as the fog is on the outside of the window. Dew on the outside of the window is very normal in winter, when there is a big difference between night and day temperature, which is why the condensation appears in the morning.

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How do I proceed if there is something wrong with the product?

Shipping damage or other damage / defects must be reported to MAS Home Improvement by filling in our return form as soon as possible after delivery. Upon delivery, the buyer is encouraged to check with the driver all goods for damage before receiving the consignment note. That is, check if the packaging is broken, or if there are other visible signs of damage and if the number of units ordered corresponds to what was delivered.

In case of damage, you receive the order and write if necessary. reservations on the consignment note and contact MAS Home Improvement or by phone as soon as possible. We recommend that you receive the order despite the damage (subject to the consignment note), as the return is at the customer’s expense.

NOTE! If you as a customer have refused delivery and it turns out that there is no production defect / damage or transport damage, the delivery must be made at your expense.

If one of our products is faulty, the buyer can complain in accordance with USA law. It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the error has not arisen as a result of incorrect use or installation by the customer himself.

MAS Home Improvement is responsible for return shipping for all approved complaints.

Note, however, that for non-approved complaints, return shipping may be required by the customer.

If it is the case that your question is not answered, yes, then you are always welcome to contact our customer support give us a call on (301) 632-6664.

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