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Double-hung windows | The smarter choice

Double-hung windows combine timeless aesthetics with practicality. At MAS Home Improvement, we offer high-quality double-hung windows that not only enhance your home’s beauty but also provide excellent ventilation and energy efficiency. Upgrade your space with these versatile and stylish windows today!

MAS Home Improvement stylish high-quality double hung windows that will provide a comfortable atmosphere in your home. At the same time, they will perfectly fit into any interior, emphasizing its originality and individuality, both from the outside and from the inside. We will deliver you excellent double-hung windows from the best manufacturers who are fully responsible for the quality of their products. The proposed window structures meet all domestic norms and quality standards. It should be noted that double chamber windows are popular not only because of their appearance. They have unique technical and operational characteristics.

More chambers on the windows provide better heat retention in the room and an excellent level of sound insulation. Thanks to the installation of special glasses in a double-hung windows, it is possible to further improve the quality characteristics. For example, if we talk about saving energy, then a great solution is to use energy-saving glass on the windows, made with a special coating. They transmit light from the street well, but at the same time they do not reflect infrared rays coming from the room. In addition, for windows with two chambers, shockproof glass and special tinting can be used, which will help to give the room individuality.

double hung windows

A double-hung windows consists of a wooden box (the basis of the product) and two separate frames that open inwards along a horizontal plane. The inner frame of the window is a single- or double-glazed window, and the outer frame can consist of a single glass or double-hung windows. The most common materials for windows are pine, larch, oak, meranti (depending on the choice of the client). Wood goes through special stages of drying and processing to ensure the properties required in production and operation.

Quite often, for the manufacture of windows with two chambers, aluminum is used in addition to wood. A salary and an outer sash of the structure are made from it. Thanks to this symbiosis, wood – aluminum windows are better protected from mechanical damage, resistance to negative environmental factors (for example, moisture ingress) increases. And if you look from a practical point of view, then there is no need for constant regular painting.

beautiful double hung windows

For the manufacture of boxes, frames, internal parts of the window, manufacturers use only wood. The wood, which is chosen for production, is dried using modern technologies, in accordance with current domestic standards and norms. This approach ensures the stability of forms, long service life of the window, its reliability and stability. Along the perimeter of glass and frames, mandatory processing is carried out with special elastic seals, and then with sealants.

Double-hung wooden windows are reliable and practical. Designers love to use them in their work due to their aesthetic qualities and functionality. Thus, with the help of MAS Home Improvement you can purchase not only traditional double-framed swing windows, but also similar sliding windows. The durability of the natural material, its naturalness, combined with the unique latest techniques that provide tightness, heat and sound insulation, make them practical and very convenient to use.

If you have made a choice and ordered double-hung windows from us, then be sure that you have made the right choice. We clearly and carefully follow all the instructions, paying attention to every detail. Windows undergo mandatory testing at all stages of production. Our company in the shortest possible time will deliver and install windows that will stand in your home for many decades, providing comfort and coziness.

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