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How to choose between sliding or casement window?

Choosing between a sliding or casement window for our home is sometimes more complicated than we can imagine. Normally, when we buy our house we do not usually choose which windows or doors we want.

But when we are going to build it from scratch or start a reform, one of the things that can cause the most headaches are the windows, because we can find all kinds with different characteristics.

There are many factors that must be taken into account and many times they are forgotten, that is why we are going to show you the characteristics and benefits of the different types of windows, sliding or casement?

Sliding window

A sliding window is one that is made up of two or more leaves, which slide one over the other along the frame rail. When opening a sliding window, its leaves are superimposed, allowing only one of the parts of the opening to be opened. To be able to slide on the frame in which the window is located, it has small wheels both at the top and at the bottom.

How to choose between sliding or casement window?

Features of sliding window

Some of the main characteristics of sliding windows are:

Size. Sliding windows are very versatile and because of how they are mounted you can find small windows or other sizes of doors.

Number of sheets. This window can be made up of two sheets of glass or even four depending on the thickness you want.

Materials. These windows can be manufactured with different materials, which makes their price very variable. The materials that are most used for this type of windows are usually PVC, steel or aluminum.

Versatility. Sliding windows can be easily combined with roller shutters, mosquito nets and awnings.

Benefits of sliding window

Choosing this type of window brings with it a series of benefits that you might not be able to have with others. Some of the main ones are:

Optimization of space: the way these windows are opened allows for more space, since they do not open towards the outside or towards the inside of the house, but rather into the hole where they are placed.

Greater light: these windows have smaller frames than other types of windows, which allows more light to enter due to the larger glass.

Greater savings: sliding windows are usually cheaper because they are easier to build, both in terms of the materials used for it, and their installation, which is very simple.

Fewer accidents: as it is not a window with doors, it will prevent you from colliding with the peaks of those that open into the home, making them safer, especially for the little ones.

How to choose the right sliding window?

You must bear in mind that these windows are not the best in terms of thermal insulation, so before buying them it is advisable to ask about the level of tightness they have.

In addition, you have to pay attention to the quality of the material, because an aluminum window is not the same as a PVC window, but that will depend on your budget.

Casement window

Casement windows are the most common, they are those that are hinged on one or both sides of the frame, which allows the window to open towards the outside of the house or inwards. The hinges are usually at the corners of the window except when it is only a single hinge.

A variation is tilt-and-turn windows. These windows are also hinged on the horizontal part of the frame and allow the window to be opened without the need to open the sash all the way.

How to choose between sliding or casement window?

Features of casement window

Some of the main features of casement windows are:

Total opening: these windows allow them to be opened completely without any type of limit or effort.

Hermetic closure: due to their design, these windows have a hermetic closure so that neither the heat in winter nor the cool of the house in summer escapes.

Materials: this type of window has a greater variety of materials: they can be PVC, aluminum, steel or wood.

Benefits of casement window

Using these windows gives you a series of advantages compared to sliding windows, some of the main advantages are:

Greater insulation: this type of window allows greater insulation from both heat and cold and also from outside noise.

Savings: having greater insulation allows less heat and cold to escape, so you spend less on energy and save on heating and air conditioning.

Easy maintenance: being able to open completely towards the interior of the house allows it to be cleaned more easily and safely.

Which ones insulate better, sliding or casement window?

Casement windows by themselves tend to insulate due to their hermetic seal, but other factors also influence, such as the quality of the manufacture of the windows. The material of the window frame influences since the steel frame is not the same as PVC or wood.

The type of glass you choose can be of higher or lower quality, there are shock-proof safety glasses and others that are noise-proof and are also thermal insulators. So it will depend on the materials used read how to insulate doors and windows.

So, how to choose between sliding or casement window?

This will depend on many factors, the first of which is your taste in regards to the finishes of the materials, the design and if you prefer to have more or less natural light even if it isolates less.

Comfort is something to take into account, the choice will depend on the size of your house, the furniture, the location of the house, if there is more or less noise outside, etc. And finally, you will have to take into account your budget, since the price will vary depending on the quality of the materials, the size and other factors.

We have seen that choosing one type of window or another depends a lot on the case of each one, your preferences and your economic capacity. As each case is different, at MAS Home Improvement we can guarantee you the perfect window by studying the needs of your case. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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