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How to install wooden doors in 5 easy steps?

Now we can easily find prefabricated wooden doors for sale. One of those that we can buy and take home, ready to install. If this is your case, here we show you how to install wooden doors.

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Step 1: Buy the door with the correct measurements

How to install wooden doors in 5 easy steps?

If you buy a pre-fabricated door, you will need to make sure that the door, plus the frames, fit into the opening in the wall. There are doors of different widths and they usually have the standard measurements. If the space in the room where you will place it is not level, you may have to have the door you buy cut or modified. 

Step 2: install the door frame

Before installing the frame, you should check that it, together with the door, fits into the space, otherwise you will have to lower the frames before installation. To lower you can use a brush or a sander. Regarding the frames, if you have to cut them, do it in 45 ° cuts with the help of a circular fastener. After cutting, secure the joints with three screws at each corner. 

Step 3: install the frame

How to install wooden doors in 5 easy steps?

If you already have a framework installed you can skip the previous step; However, you must first check that it is in good condition, otherwise you will have to repair or replace it. If you are going to place a new frame, you must first check that the opening is level, for this you can use a plumb line, laser level or the bubble. Once the frames are attached and level, screw it into the span.

Step 4: attach the hinges

Mark the location of the hinges on both the frame and the door. The hinges go 10 cm from each end and the third to the center. The marking must be done on the edge since here you will make the recess, which can be done with a chisel and hammer. Install the hinges on the door and mark the location that these will have on the frame, where you will also need to make the respective cutwork.

How to install wooden doors in 5 easy steps?

Step 5: install the lock

The locks usually come with an installation template which will allow you to identify where to drill the holes in the door. Measure 90 centimeters from the ground and place the template on the edge of the door, mark and with the cup drill make the hole for the knob (on both sides). Then, in the door frame, make the hole for the sheet metal with the trowel bit; do not forget to make the recess. Then you should proceed with the installation of the handles and the metal edge plate.

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