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When you should change your windows?

Reasons to change windows:

Better indoor climate with less drafts and cold drafts

As we have become more aware of well-being and health, the indoor climate has become increasingly important. With the weather conditions, it is especially important to have a good indoor climate, as we spend a large part of the year indoors.

A worse indoor climate can create problems for those who are extra sensitive. Some people may develop allergies and asthma. Bad indoor air can also affect sleep, leading to even more sequelae.

When you should change your windows?

Lower energy costs

Investing in new windows, such as energy windows that are CE marked, reduces the energy costs for the house. Many times, older windows can be a big reason why energy consumption slows down. Replacing windows can then be very beneficial for the household’s finances. Modern windows emit very little heat, which reduces the need for heating.

The value of the house is increasing

New windows increase the value of your house by extending its service life, reducing maintenance and thus lowering your current monthly costs. New windows also save energy and when (if!) You sell your house, your broker will highlight your investment as a plus in the property description.

When you should change your windows?

It gets warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

New quality windows, such as those from us at MAS Home Improvement, Inc have energy glass. With energy glasses, the heat is kept inside during the winter months. In the summer, the heat is kept out so that there is a pleasant climate inside the house, even if the sun is scorching outside. The cold slide that many are worried about also disappears with these windows.

Quieter indoors

Outdoor noise from airplanes, playgrounds, schools and cars disturbs some people. But with the right window, the sound can be shut out. New windows let in less noise as the windows are better constructed according to modern methods, as is the seal around the window. If you live near an area with a lot of noise, such as an airport or train tracks, there are also noise-reducing windows that can help even more.

Reduced burglary risk

New windows are more burglar-proof. They are designed to make it harder for thieves to break in. Security is important in the home and new windows strengthen the physical protection around your home.

When you should change your windows?

This is how we change windows during the winter

A common misconception is that you tear out all the windows at once and thus cool down the whole house. MAS Home Improvement always works in one room at a time and closes all doors to insulate the temporary cold. Some believe that it is open for several hours or days and that the whole house should be cooled. But it’s only a couple of minutes. Foresight is therefore a must when changing windows during the winter and our fitters are always one step ahead. We carry in the new window, then we remove moldings and sneak. When it’s time to tear off insulation and cut frames, it goes fast and the new window is soon in place.

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Advantage of changing windows during the winter

It can even be an advantage to change windows during the winter because the air is often dry and has lower humidity than in the summer.

The only thing that could stop us is extreme cold because it can be a bad working environment for the fitters. But we have changed windows in minus 25-30 degrees without any problems.

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