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PVC windows for the kitchen – making the right choice in Saint Charles

The selection of plastic windows for the kitchen should be approached with special responsibility. During the cooking process, the room experiences the most extreme temperature changes. Household appliances and dishwashing contribute to increased air humidity. It is here that a large number of guests gather for family holidays. All these factors affect the microclimate of the kitchen, and a high-quality PVC window is simply necessary for its normalization.

PVC windows for the kitchen - making the right choice in Saint Charles

What parameters to look for when choosing a kitchen window?

Airing mode. Cooking involves a variety of processes to keep the air in a room hot and stale. A hot and humid atmosphere encourages condensation on the windows. Therefore, the ventilation function is considered one of the most important when choosing kitchen windows. When choosing, give preference to swing-out sashes with the possibility of micro-ventilation. This function will allow you to freshen the air in the room without having to open the doors wide.

IMPORTANT! When installing a PVC window, it is possible to install a ventilation valve, which allows ventilation in closed sash mode. You will be able to appreciate the special benefits of this function during cold weather.

Tightness. All structural elements must fit snugly against each other, preventing drafts and the passage of cold air. While cooking, you can get hot and sweaty, and a draft under these conditions can cause colds. When the family gathers around the dinner table, it is important that everyone feels comfortable and does not freeze. A hermetically sealed window will ensure the health of your household.

Thermal insulation. A kitchen window has less stringent thermal insulation requirements than a window in a bedroom or children’s room. During the cooking process, heat is generated, which makes it possible to install a structure with fewer chambers in the profile and in the glass unit. An excellent option would be a 3-chamber PVC profile and a single-chamber energy-saving glass unit.

High light transmittance. The bright kitchen will create favorable conditions for work and family pastime in this room. Natural light improves performance, improves mood and stimulates the brain better than the brightest artificial lights. In a dimly lit kitchen, you will feel lethargic and depressed.

Window sill width. The windowsill in the kitchen is often used as an additional work surface. In compact rooms, it can become a continuation of the countertop, which will give the interior a zest. But do not clutter the surface using a window sill to store unnecessary things. This will create a feeling of clutter.

PVC windows for the kitchen - making the right choice in Saint Charles

IMPORTANT! In a room with high humidity, the window sill should not overlap the heating devices. A too wide window sill can cause condensation.

Slopes. The material of these elements also plays an important role in the installation of new PVC structures. For the kitchen, it is better to choose plastic slopes. They will fit well into the interior, and also will not require complicated maintenance from you. Over time, such slopes do not crack or turn yellow, do not require additional staining and repair. Wet mop once a week and the slopes will look like new for a long time.

Design. A properly selected window will help to complete the interior. Of course, the white color of the doors is considered universal and easily fits into any design project. But for your kitchen, you can choose frames with imitation wood or artificial lattice. If the design of the room involves bright accents of a certain color, you can choose the windows of a suitable shade.

A suitable window will become a real decoration of your kitchen, and compliance with all technical design requirements will make your stay in this room joyful and comfortable. For any professional help contact us.

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