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What applies when you have to change a door?

What applies when you have to change a door In Prince Frederick.

Why should you change doors? And what are the things you should keep in mind when choosing a new exterior door for your house? We want your door replacement to feel comfortable, simple and safe, so we have some points that can be good to think about.

What style does your door have?

When it’s time to choose a new door for your home, the design of the door is obviously an important factor to take into account. What should your new door look like? Should it blend in, complement or enliven? Should the door look the same as the door you are replacing, or should it protrude like a new door? With Diplomat’s wide range of exterior doors together with the many options and configurations on offer, you have great opportunities to find your own style, on your doorstep.

What applies when you have to change a door?

High quality doors.

We want to make it fun to change doors. And then it makes it easier for you to feel safe in the knowledge that no matter which new door you choose, they all maintain the same high quality. They have a 20-year design guarantee as protection against the door slamming; a guarantee that shows that the doors are built on a stable, durable and durable construction. The exterior doors also have a U-value of 0.8 on sealed doors and 0.9 on glazed doors. In our factory in Waldorf, new doors are created through a combination of modern technology and genuine craftsmanship – where the best of innovation and tradition meet. Because when you change doors with MAS Home Improvement, you can trust that your new door is among the best on the market.

Glass or not?

A new front door can be tight or glazed, ie with or without a glass pane in the door leaf. When you need to change a door, you can also choose to combine your new door with a side light or skylight. Most exterior doors from MAS Home Improvement come both with and without glass so that you can choose for yourself.

Our exterior doors have 3-glazed insulating glass in five different standard designs. Optional laminated glass, tempered, super energy, sun protection glass and specially ground glass are also available.

What applies when you have to change a door?

Painted doors in several colors.

Do you want to change to a painted door in a special color, or a classic white? Or maybe it’s a clean, wood-colored door you’re looking for?

When you change a door with Elite Window On Site, you have a virtually infinite choice of colors. Our exterior doors are available in white as the standard color, as well as clear white, gray, green, blue and red as ready-made alternatives on most models. For those who want, there is also two-color painting and any NCS or RAL color as an extra option. The front door is lacquered in double layers by a 2-component system that provides a durable surface. MAS Home Improvement can also offer colors in sable (surface with structure) and matt lacquered dark colors.

Fitting package, lock and handle.

The lock is an important part of your door and it must be both secure and functional. In our exterior doors, we install the ASSA 2002 lock housing as standard. It is then supplemented with a fitting package consisting of a lock cylinder and handle. The fitting package is an option where you choose what you think best suits the style of the door and your house. You also have the option of choosing 3-point locks, extra locks; equal locking that matches the rest of the house and a locking system.

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