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House renovation – why you need to replace your windows?

House renovation – why you need to replace your windows in Dunkirk MD

House renovation breathes new life into your living spaces. From modernizing kitchens to updating bathrooms and refreshing interiors, it’s a chance to enhance comfort and increase property value. Plan carefully, hire professionals, and watch your house transform into the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Reasons for new windows

There are many reasons to install new windows or have them installed. Of course, keep in mind that new windows require a significant investment – ​​so you want to make sure those reasons are good enough. Fortunately, this investment ensures years of improvement in house renovation and a significant saving on the annual energy bill which is the most important reason (if you ask us). We guide you through the most important reasons for choosing a set of new windows. Can you find yourself in this? Do not hesitate to contact us: together we will look at a tailor-made plan of action, so that you can start enjoying your new windows as soon as possible!

Reason One: Your home desperately needs a new look

Maybe you just bought a new home, maybe you just need a change in your permanent home. In any case, it is common knowledge that installing new windows – and doors, of course – can provide a major visual upgrade. Say goodbye to those old, discolored or peeling window profiles – and make way for brand new ones in the material and color you want. You will notice that your entire home will immediately look very different from house renovation.

Reason two: you want to feel safer in the house

Burglars have a nose for weak spots in the house. And in most cases these are outdated window or door profiles. By having new windows installed, you immediately strengthen the barrier between inside and outside. Moreover, that (mandatory) double glazing is also much more difficult to break and it makes a hell of a noise if it does get broken… which will usually ensure that the burglar will run away faster.

Reason Three: Your Windows Are Outdated

When your windows have been around for a while, damage can often occur. And these are rarely visible! Just think of minuscule damage or small cracks that you cannot see with the naked eye, but that do cause a deteriorated insulation of your entire home. You can of course (temporarily) solve this with the help of silicone sealant or draft strips, but sooner or later it will be time for the inevitable… So just rest in your destiny – and choose your favorite profiles today.

House Renovation

Reason four: looking for ways to get EPC improve to

Do you always have to swallow when that damned energy bill ends up on the dining table? Then there is a good chance that the condition of your windows is the culprit. Because, more often than not, that high bill is on a poorly insulated home. In other words: windows that do not do their job in terms of insulation, causing heating costs to skyrocket.

Therefore, consider installing new glazing or having it installed: after all, today’s windows have a wonderful insulation value. With the right glazing, you can save up to 20 % on your annual energy bill and ensure lower CO 2 emissions!

Reason Five: You live in a noisy environment

Living in a bustling neighborhood comes with many advantages: you are always close to everything, there is always something to do and you are never bored. But what if you need to relax in the seat with all that noise in front of the door? Well, when you have new windows installed, you can opt for the acoustic variant. Combine this glazing with the right profiles – and you can be sure that you will not be bothered by street noise.

Types of material for your windows – House Renovation

Install new windows, ” It’s a long quest. There are many choices to make and decisions to make. And one of the first choices you have to make? Which material we will use to design your windows. At MAS Home Improvement you always have the choice between two materials: PVC and aluminum. Of course, both materials are of the highest quality available, but they also come with their own unique advantages. Want to learn more about PVC versus aluminum? We are happy to guide you through it.

1 Aluminum

Do you choose aluminum windows? Then you opt for a sleek modern look that makes a statement. Together with MAS Home Improvement, of which we are a recognized partner, we guarantee the correct construction and installation of your aluminum windows. In addition, you enjoy a ten-year warranty, a modern look, ease of maintenance, perfect insulation and many options in terms of finish.

The biggest advantages of aluminum windows

A sleek, modern look: Aluminum windows offer many construction options, making them suitable for larger windows. In general, this extremely strong material provides a contemporary and industrial look with character.

Wide choices: You can easily personalize aluminum windows: both the inside and the outside can be designed in all RAL colors. You also enjoy a textured lacquer that provides a smooth and scratch-resistant look.

Maintenance friendly: Aluminum windows are easy to clean. All you have to do is go over it with a damp cloth and some pH neutral detergent.


When you choose PVC windows, you choose affordable quality. Together with VEKA , of which we are a recognized partner, we supply perfectly installed PVC windows with a ten-year guarantee – and many advantages to take advantage of.

Consider, for example, the countless finishing options (be sure to ask for the available RAL colors), the ease of maintenance, the high insulation value and the excellent price-quality ratio. In other words, when you choose PVC , you choose affordable and durable windows that are also friendly for your energy bill.

The biggest advantages of PVC  windows

Numerous finishing options: Personalize your PVC windows by choosing between the 55 available RAL colors. These foils are colorfast for decades, so you can enjoy them for years. With PVC you always get the style that suits you and your home.

Maintenance friendly: PVC attracts little dirt, making it easy to maintain. All you need is a damp cloth and pH neutral detergent. Job done!

High insulation value: PVC has a low U‑ value, so you lose less heat in the house. In standard version up to 1 . 0  W/​m² (and believe us: you will be happy with that!).

Types of windows

In addition to the glazing and the material for your profiles, you also have the type of window that you have to choose for house renovation how do you prefer to open your window? After all, this depends on the location of the window, your need for comfort, how your house is set up, and so on. We list the different windows for you, so that you can start thinking about all the options! (and a combo of all, of course that’s also possible, hey!)

home improvement

Sliding windows

Sliding windows come in all sizes for house renovation in different shapes, types and colors.

Lift-slide window: Lift-slide windows can support heavy and large windows. The mechanism lifts the sliding window, after which you can slide the window open.

Tilt-slide window: With tilt-slide windows, the sliding sash tilts towards the inside of the house. Because the weight of the sash is tipped to the inside of the house, the system can carry less heavy sashes than lift-slide windows, so the window width is also somewhat more limited.

Folding sliding window

Do you want to go for a contemporary look? Then folding windows might be something for you. The different window parts can all be folded together, or piece by piece. In this way one large open window surface is created. Nice is not it?

Hinged windows

A revolving window opens in one direction to the inside of the home: ideal for ventilating your home on hot days. Since you can open the window, you can easily clean it from the inside. Do you want the fittings (or the hinges) to be visible? Or rather hidden? The choice is yours!

Bottom hung window & tilt and turn window

Tilt windows or bottom-hung windows tilt open to the inside of the house through a hinge at the bottom of the window. The tilt function is useful if you want to ventilate your home all day in winter or summer, because the function offers more safety.

You can compensate for the additional cost of turn-tilt windows by means of premiums. If you renovate windows and your home is at least 25 years old, your investment may qualify for the house renovation premium or improvement premium. Whether or not you receive this premium depends, among other things, on your income(s).

Insulation premiums

The installation – or renovation – of your windows naturally comes with a price tag: that should come as no surprise. Fortunately, you can sometimes rely on certain premiums and/​or subsidies. Whether you are assigned this depends on several factors. We have already listed the most important options that are interesting to investigate before you pay that invoice. Good to know: in addition to these premiums, there are a number of other alternatives, so be well informed. We can also assist you with house renovation, so feel free to drop by!

Knowing more?

Be sure to read the blog below, which goes into more detail about house renovation the premiums just listed.

Read through everything and still have questions – or don’t feel like going through all this on your own? That’s what we’re here for! Feel free to make an appointment via our website, let us know what you would like more information about – and we will contact you as soon as possible for an appointment. Then we’ll go on it together’ T ease again completely.

Dining room with light and dark windows

house renovation in 2023? You may be eligible for these premiums and subsidies

Thinking of a renovation for your home? Then you opt for a significant investment, including a beautiful end result. Fortunately, you can claim premiums and subsidies for this. Make an appointment.


Now that you’ve chosen those new windows, you’re all set to order these as well. Then you are at the right place at MAS Home Improvement: we are happy to provide your new windows with every comfort, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Read on to discover all our accessories for your windows – and feel free to let us know what you prefer!

home renovation

Windows maintenance

Aluminum and PVC windows and doors are maintenance-friendly, but not maintenance-free! Fortunately, you can get away with it in minutes, at least if you take a look at our house renovation tips.

Maintain aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are maintenance-friendly. They don’t attract much dust and they don’t rust or crack. They still need some maintenance, but not on a regular basis: you only need to clean aluminum windows a few times a year. Aggressive products such as scouring pads, solvents and caustic products are not allowed. After all, they cause irreparable damage. It is therefore best to choose a damp cloth, cold water and a pH-neutral cleaning agent.

Maintain PVC windows

PVC windows (or plastic windows) are the perfect replacement for wooden windows. PVC windows are more sensitive to scratches. That is why the maintenance of PVC windows requires a little more attention. When cleaning plastic windows, make sure they are sufficiently wet. If they are too dry, there is a greater chance of scratching. Extra tip: clean your PVC windows on a less sunny day. During cleaning, the windows will dry up faster due to the sun and therefore become more sensitive to cracks and scratches.

Inspiration before ordering your new windows

In the meantime, you know everything about windows, what is involved in the installation and replacement – ​​and you are an expert in the choice of materials. But what could your windows look like in real life? Are you going for a classic or modern style – or rather rural or design? We share some of our most recent realizations, so that you can come by completely inspired. Feel free to tell us what you do and do not expect, so that we can design your windows to measure for your house renovation.

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