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Window Installation in Winter Waldorf, MD

There is an opinion among most people that installing new windows in winter is just as wrong as eating ice cream in the cold season. In fact, installation in winter is much more profitable. Doubt? Then let’s discuss the positive side of this medal.

Window Installation in Winter Waldorf, MD

Your first argument “against” will be the ability to freeze the premises. You should not think so, gentlemen. Of course, if you don’t install all the windows at once and turn off the heating completely. Professional installation of one window takes approximately 30 minutes. I don’t think that in such a time everything in the house will freeze. Consider that you have installed a new window, and even ventilated the room. Another, probably the most pleasant moment, is that the prices for installation and the window itself are lower than in summer. Since in the summer, and so the demand is great. There is no need to make a discount. But in winter, just right. And the gap between order and installation will be much shorter than during peak demand. And the employees will do everything carefully and slowly, as orders are not adjusted. Another pleasant point is that it is in winter that you can definitely see defects when installing a window. You can immediately see if the glass fogs up or where there are leaks. And quickly fix it all. If installed in summer, then most likely you will see defects in winter.

Window Installation in Winter Waldorf, MD

Oh yes! But what about the foam ?! Indeed, polyurethane foam cannot be used at temperatures below 10 ° C. It loses its qualities and does not expand. But you have forgotten that there is progress in everything. There is special foam for winter installations of windows. It works even at 20 ° frost, reliably attaching the frame to the opening.

What is really very important to pay attention to when installing windows in winter is the slopes. It is imperative to agree with the workers on the complete finishing of the slopes with insulation, hydro and vapor barrier. If insulation is not done, then fungus and fogging may appear.

Now you understand that not everything is as categorical as it seems. Didn’t have time in summer, catch up in winter. Do not forget about the right approach to choosing a company. Consider all the companies in your area that are engaged in the installation of windows. Do not forget to compare window quality, service, after-sales service, as well as the position of the companies in the market. Windows should serve you for more than 5 years. Take this matter seriously. contact us for details.

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