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Reasons why you choose to change windows | Window Replacement

Window Replacement, There are many reasons why you choose window replacement, below you will find the most common reasons why you choose to change windows. If you feel that one or more match you, it may be worth looking at a new solution.

Lower your heating costs, Make it quieter indoors, Get a more even temperature indoors, Increase the value of the house, Change the look of the house, Avoid maintaining your windows, Facilitate the cleaning of the windows, Does anything sound particularly interesting?

Read more about the reasons of window replacement

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1. You can lower your heating costs | Change Windows

If you have a house that was built before the mid-70s, you probably have connected side-hung double-glazed windows. Such a window draws around 3 watts/sqm, while a modern triple-glazed window draws at most 1.2 watts/sqm. All windows from MAS Home Improvement are classified as energy windows, but we also have energy windows with extra good insulation that draw 0.79 watts/sqm.

2. You can get a more comfortable temperature in the summer

If you have south-facing windows, you can often experience that it gets very hot when the sun is shining, especially in the summer. A modern triple-glazed window has a low-energy coating that reduces radiant and solar heat, giving you a much more pleasant climate and more even temperature indoors. We at MAS Home Improvement also offer a solar protection glass that lets in an almost identical amount of light as ordinary glass, but shuts out two-thirds of the sun’s heat.

3. You can have a quieter living environment

There is a big difference in the experience of noise between older and modern windows. A classic double-glazed window from before the mid-70s reduces noise by about 25-27 decibels, while a modern triple-glazed window reduces sound by 35 decibels. Even if it is only 10 decibels, the ear perceives it as being three times quieter indoors. If you have a lot of noise outside from roads, railways or airplanes, noise-reducing glass may be needed to reduce the noise level even more. Home Improvement offer noise-reducing glass cassettes for you who are affected by a noisy outdoor environment.

4. You want to increase the value of your house

Windows are part of the house’s shell and something that brokers and speculators look at when evaluating and selling. Therefore, windows in good condition and with a good U-value tend to increase the value of your house. Here, other elements such as noise reduction, freedom of maintenance, the design of the window often play a big role in the buyer’s decision.

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5. You can enhance the character of the house or personalize according to your wishes

If you want to enhance the architecture and character of the house or if you have a clear vision of how you want your house to look, you can easily achieve this by changing the appearance of the windows through different sashes or colors. You can also restore a house to its previous style by adapting the window replacement to that time period. Our window series cover all imaginable styles and can also be tailored according to your wishes.

6. You can avoid maintaining your windows

Thanks to weather-resistant aluminum cladding, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Our windows in the Ultimate series have a combination of wood on the inside and aluminum clad outside which creates a beautiful window which at the same time means you can spend minimal time on maintenance. As you may need to do with clean wooden windows. Read more about why aluminum weather protection is often chosen.

Did any reason weigh heavily?

Was it one or more reasons that made a window replacement jump up a few notches in your house maintenance schedule? Then our local window replacement masters can help you further in your process with a free home visit where you get help choosing the right window for your needs.

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