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Is it time to change windows? When buying new windows, it is important to think carefully and find out which windows are best for your house. Replacing windows is a long-term, large investment and there is a lot to think about.

With us at MAS Home Improvement you will find everything you need for window replacement and here you can read more about our different window models.

Which windows should you choose?

For those of you who are buying or replacing windows, we have three models to choose from. Which one is best suited depends, among other things, on the type of house and how much maintenance you are willing to perform.

• PVC windows – maintenance-free and affordable

• Aluminum windows – minimal maintenance

• Wooden windows – classic windows


What are triple glazed windows?

The number of glass panes in a window affects the insulation, and triple glazed windows save more energy than double glazed windows. MAS Home Improvement offers windows with both 2- and 3-glazed windows.

PVC windows

Buying PVC windows is an obvious choice for you who want maintenance-free windows with good insulation. We usually call it “the smart window choice”. With us, you can buy custom-made and cheap PVC windows in exactly the size you need.

PVC windows – advantages:

+ Maintenance-free – They are made of plastic, which means you do not have to scrape or repaint them.  

+ Good insulation – They retain heat very well.

+ Cheap – If you want to buy windows at a good price, this is an obvious choice, as they are cheaper than, for example, aluminum windows. 

+ Durability – PVC windows have a long service life.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows with a wooden frame are available both as open able windows and as fixed windows. They are of high quality and easy to assemble. Aluminum windows consist of wood but have a protective aluminum cladding that sits on the outside, which gives longer life and better quality.

Aluminum windows – advantages:

+ Good protection – Can handle different weather changes well.

+ Minimal maintenance – They are partly made of aluminum.

+ Energy efficient – Does not let in cold.

+ Long service life.


Wooden windows

A wooden window gives a classic impression and fits perfectly on all types of houses. Our wooden windows are of good quality and give your house an exclusive feeling. We have both wooden windows that are openable and fixed.

Wooden windows – advantages:

+ Good insulation – Keeps the heat in.

+ Good quality – With the right maintenance, they have a long service life.

+ Natural materials – Environmentally friendly and excellent for recycling.

+ Cheap wooden windows – The price of wooden windows is often lower.

+ Easy to paint – Can be scraped and repainted whenever you want.


3 things to keep in mind when changing windows

• Which type of window is best suited? PVC windows, wooden windows or aluminum windows? Keep in mind that some windows require more maintenance than others and you need to find the model that suits you best – a wooden window requires more maintenance than, for example, a PVC window. If you want something in between, there are aluminum windows with a wooden frame.

• Should fit the design of the house – choose windows depending on what your house looks like. An older house, for example, often fits better with a wooden window, while a new modern house often fits better with a PVC or aluminum window.

• Review security in the event of burglary and fire. A window that can be opened is good for ventilation and can be a way out of the house in the event of a fire, but you should also ensure that the windows are burglar-proof.

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