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Windows And Doors Replacement Company


In our range, there is a wide range of beautiful and functional doors for both interior and exterior use. Welcome exterior doors, interior doors that fit inside, apartment doors with advanced security approaches, functional storage doors. MAS provide affordable quality doors that work in every home. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and need help finding your next door.

Windows And Doors Replacement Company

Find the right door

A door helps you put a personal touch on your home. By making different choices between materials and details, we can help you create the door that meets your expectations. The doors can be created in a number of different types of wood, which gives a different look and feel. The type of wood can be chosen to match other details in the home such as the floor or color of the house or because you simply think it is really nice.

To install a door

The work of changing a door is something that many people are able to do themselves, as it is an easy job even for those without experience. Replacing a door can increase the security of the home and storage. Modern doors have a strong focus on security and there are clean security doors for you who have that need. Apartment doors are not only security rated but also fire rated. Installing a new door can therefore increase home security in several ways.

Beautiful doors for every home

We provide beautiful doors that fit into any home, modern and classic, with a focus on the small details. Exterior and storage doors can also be selected with or without glass. The glass creates light and it gives a more welcoming feeling. Indoors, you can choose both light and solid doors and whether they should be soundproof. Doors have a long service life, so we recommend that you choose a door that appeals to you and feels consistent with the property.

Windows And Doors Replacement Company


Windows were originally made with a wooden frame, but today there are a number of materials and options. Modern windows today have very good insulation properties, which mean that replacing old windows is advantageous from an energy point of view.

Choose the right material

The material and choice of windows you make depends on a number of factors. What you personally like best and how much maintenance work you want to put in are two examples of what can be crucial. If you have questions about materials or have difficulty deciding between two different ones, you are always welcome to contact us at MAS Home Improvement.

Windows And Doors Replacement Company

Composite / PVC

Completely maintenance-free windows that come with a 15-year guarantee and have very good insulation properties. Because the glass strips are on the inside, the windows are relatively burglar-proof.

Wooden windows

Wood is a breathable material and is a natural material that is perceived as aesthetically pleasing by most people. The most classic choice when it comes to windows.

Aluminum windows

In an aluminum window, the frame and arch are completely in aluminum. It provides incredibly easy-care windows and is suitable for you who want to avoid painting and scratching.

Wood / Aluminum windows

Combine the warm and natural from wood materials together with easy-care parts in aluminum. An exterior in aluminum withstands weather and wind and wood on the inside brings out a genuine feeling.

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