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Windows and Doors Installation

Patio doors – Beautiful design down to the smallest detail

The door to the terrace, balcony or wooden deck is becoming increasingly important. Maybe not so strange as we spend more and more time in the garden and on the patio.

We have several different patio doors and balcony doors in different materials that are designed to fit in with our window series. Patio doors are available in both outward-facing and inward-facing variants, with 3-glazed insulating glass or in a coupled version. Here you can read more and look more at our range, and if you have questions – book a free home visit and your window master will be happy to help you!!

Windows and Doors Installation

Get closer to your garden

Common to all patio doors is beautiful design down to the smallest detail and that the doors stand for good sound reduction and thermal insulation. Several of the patio doors are available as both single doors and double patio doors and can also be ordered fully glazed.

As always assembled and ready

Master class installation is included as always when you choose MAS Home Improvement. All you need to do is contact your window master and you will find the patio door that suits you and your needs. We take care of the rest – manufacturing, assembly and final inspection. Of course, you get a fixed price from your window master to decide on before ordering.

Customize your patio door

Our patio doors are in the same series as our windows. Based on the series, you can then adapt the combination to your liking, taste and needs. We have patio doors both as single and double doors and we can also supplement with detachable bars. You can order patio doors in full glass. Our series is available for you who want an old-fashioned style, perhaps with putty bars, without missing out on all the benefits that modern patio doors have. It is designed to fit together with our connected culture windows and you can get beautiful profiles on door leaves and frame as well as a mirror in the parapet.

Windows and Doors Installation

An excellent opportunity to change the patio door

If you are thinking of changing windows, it is an excellent opportunity to also look over patio and balcony doors to your house. In addition to coordinating an order and getting a better price, you get windows and patio doors that match each other and enhance the look of the house. Other advantages are of course only a coordinated installation period and better thermal insulation. With our high quality, you also get a patio door that requires minimal maintenance and lasts for generations.

Windows and Doors Installation

Things to think about when you change a patio

Patio doors in glass give a nice overall impression, let in warm, wonderful light and make the home feel practical and airy. But which patio door should you choose? At MAS Home Improvement you will find quality and beautiful patio doors that match your other windows in the house. We have a large selection of patio doors where everyone can be tailored, also at a good price and high quality.

1. Full glass or not. Maybe you have a wonderfully lush garden, terrace or patio that you want to see from inside your house, then maybe one of our fully glazed patio doors that let in a lot of light fits. How do fully glazed patio doors affect the U-value? Or maybe you want a breast in a special measure? A patio door made entirely of glass provides a very large amount of light, while one with a parapet is better suited if you want to reduce transparency or perhaps have a balcony railing outside the door that you do not want to see from inside the room. We tailor our entire range of patio doors to your needs. Ask your window master and we will be happy to help with tips and advice.

2. Single or double door. Just like with windows, patio doors come in many different designs. If you have a wider opening from the house, you can either choose a double door. If you want a simple window door, these are also available in different sizes based on your wishes and possibilities. Regardless of whether you choose a single or a double patio door, you get to choose the look of it. Do you want a patio door that is completely made of glass? Or one with filling in the so-called parapet – that is, the lower part of the door?

3. Security. From a burglary point of view, it is at least as important that the patio door is secure as the front door on the front of the house. Our patio doors maintain a high standard of security and some of our models are also available in a higher security design.

4. U-value. Just as with windows and exterior doors, it is good if the door has as low a U-value as possible. The U-value indicates how well insulated the door is. The lower the value, the more energy efficient the door is because the house’s heating needs decrease. You can find the U-value on all our patio doors under technical specification.

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