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Complete your house with the right windows and doors

You want an optimal solution for your home or property. Contact us and you will receive good advice, a free quotation, a customized product and assembly. When we carry out work, we are careful to ensure that the functionality and appearance are perfect for you.

windows and doors

We sell new windows and doors, partly for new construction, partly for houses or apartments where you want to improve the appearance and reduce energy consumption. Up to 35 percent of the heat in a house seeps out through poorly insulated windows and doors. You can cut that in half by having updated products that are new and of high quality. If you don’t want to change your windows, for example, but want to save energy, we can renovate them for you. During a window renovation, we replace the glass in the existing frame, and renovate and paint the frame if there is a need.

By turning to us, you get a wide range of colors, makes and looks that will put a personal touch on your house. There are, among other things, traditional wooden windows, but also the newer windows with an aluminum exterior that are maintenance-free.

Free quote and continuous advice

Of course, you should not have to pay a penny before you are sure that you want us for your project. That’s why you always get a free quote from us before you decide. Once you have submitted your quote to us, we will get back to you within 48 hours. Then we decide on a day and time when it is convenient for us to come and look at the conditions for the assignment. Some of the things we do then is that we measure and discuss with you to understand needs and wishes. Then we calculate it and give you a price proposal. If you then choose to take our proposal, we will start the work as soon as possible. We don’t charge anything extra for installation, but we make sure that when we leave you, you have everything set up and ready.

We want to be your security, where you always trust our competence and our service. That is why we are here to solve your problems both during and after a job, you can always turn to us.

renovate windows and doors


Premium products with installation.

We also offer professional installation with our own carpenters. Book a free window measurement from us!

We also offer digital home visits with video calls. If you prefer to send pictures, that works just as well. In the vast majority of cases, we can make a free quote without physically measuring all the windows and doors.

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